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National TPS Alliance

Today on Radio Causeway we are speaking with members of the National TPS Alliance as well as plaintiffs on the Ramos vs Nielsen lawsuit challenging the Department of Homeland Security’s new rule for deciding whether to terminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designations for countries facing armed conflict, natural disasters, or other specific crises.

Plus, we have the Mullet’s Strange News, Mullet at the Movies (Blade Runner 2049), & Pav’s Pick. Stay with us!


Diogo Monica, Ph.D.

Today on Radio Causeway we will be exploring the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and to help us with that we will be speaking with Diogo Monica. Diogo is the co-founder and president of Anchorage, an institutional platform for crypto investors. Before Anchorage he was an early employee and led the security teams at Square and Docker.

Plus, the Mullet's Strange News, Mullet at the Movies (Mandy), and Pav's Pick!

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